Eyelid Operation Process

The surgeon can also make an incision following the natural line of your upper eyelid. Then, the doctor will divide the skin from the tissue beneath it, then eliminate the excess skin, fat, and muscle in the area. The slashed area is then glued to a sewing thread. The stitch on the eyelid will last for three days to a week.

The above process also applies if you want to remove loose upper eyelid skin. For those of you who want to eliminate sagging skin on the lower eyelid, a process that can be done, ie the surgeon will make an invisible incision inside your lower eyelid. Then he will disguise the fine lines using C02 and erbium lasers.

If you repair loose skin tissue in the upper and lower eyelids at the same time, the surgeon will work on the top first. Estimated time of upper and lower eyelid work is about two hours. Get the best eyelid surgery by visiting a plastic surgeon in Seattle.