Intervention in Civil Procedure Law

Do you have Valeant Shareholder Lawsuit? If yes, you can visit our website to solve this problem. What is meant by Intervention, in general, is to interfere or participate in a 3rd party into a civil case that is running (proceeding) between the plaintiff and the defendant? From the formulation can be concluded elements of the intervention, among others:


– There must be a civil case in progress (proceeding)

– In the civil case the third party participates in it then the third party is called the plaintiff of the intervention

– Plaintiffs of the intervention, if they wish to enter into it, must first submit a letter of application to the panel of judges adjudicating the dispute which it wishes to follow.

– If allowed to enter in it then the plaintiff of the intervention to make/submit and submit a lawsuit of its intervention to the panel of judges consisting largely of Identity, postal and petite

– In the case of submission of application letter to participate and the filing of the lawsuit is not quoted cost.

There are three forms of intervention, namely:

1. Tussenkomst (Intermediate) is the participation of a third party to participate in the proceeding of the case on the grounds of any disturbed interests. The intervention is filed because the third party feels that his property is disputed/contested by the plaintiff and the defendant. The request for intervention is granted or rejected by an interlocutory decision. If the request for the intervention is granted, then there are two cases examined together namely the original law suit and lawsuit

2. Vrijwaring (Withdrawn as a guarantor) is a third party withdrawal to be responsible (to free the defendant from liability to the plaintiff). Vrijwaring shall be filed with a plea in the hearing process by the defendant orally or in writing.

3. Voeging (accompanying) is the participation of a third party to join the plaintiff or defendant. In the case of a voeging request, the judge shall give the parties an opportunity to respond, subsequently to the interlocutory decision, and if granted the decision shall be mentioned in the decision of such third party.