Tangsel Police destroy Dozens of Kilograms of Drugs

South Tangerang Police destroyed drug evidence of 46.6 Kilogram marijuana and 99.4 grams of methamphetamine. Illegal goods are destroyed is the result of the disclosure of the case against 2 perpetrators in the area Serpong, March 2017 ago. The destruction of narcotic evidence itself aims to avoid the loss of such evidence. So there is no misuse of evidence of this drug case. Various other important information you can find in tangsel news! Immediately open the website and find the best variety of information to start your morning!

The arrest of drug dealers started from the reports of local residents, that they often see a drug deal. Then the team from Kronjo Police Reskim unit also made an observation to the area. Residents around the location initially thought that being chased by police is a thief. So that the crowd was happening in that location. Finally, the perpetrator was arrested, and we explained to the residents that it was not a thief. But related to drugs, residents were finally dispersed. It is also said by AKP Uka when searched, caught perpetrator’s jacket found a small clear plastic package in which allegedly contains narcotics type of shabu. The perpetrator was eventually taken to Kronjo Police Squire and the evidence.