Proof of Transaction For You

The proof of an internal transaction is proof of recording any transactions that occur within the company. The internal tracks evidence is usually a memo from a certain person or leader. Evidence of external transactions is evidence of recording any transactions that occur between a company and an outsider. The evidence of external transactions is as follows Invoice is a proof of transaction on the calculation of the sale of goods made on credit and made by the seller to be submitted to the buyer. Invoices are usually duplicated. Namely, the original and copy. The original invoice is provided to the buyer as proof of credit on the credit record. While the copies are brought by the seller as proof of credit sales record. Usually, there are some people who need proof of transaction from the bank directly. You can count on Region Bank with regions bank hours which is open hours from 09.00 to 16.00. Traditional Friday has been extended several hours with most banks, and the Region Bank hours make no difference because it operates from 9 am to 6 pm.

A debit memo is a proof of a transaction concerning calculation or notification sent by a company or a business entity to its consumer. The debit memo informs the customer that his account has been debited to a certain amount. Penerina debit note will be recorded on the account of the sender of the note on the credit side.